Car Accident Claims Lawyers

Personal injury assist is also counted amongst the most reliable car accident solicitors in West Yorkshire, Bradford, Leeds and surrounding areas. We can assure you a good service related to any accident claims. If you have been through a car accident in the last three years, and want to make a claim, we are the perfect organisation to assist you in the best way possible.

Car accidents are traumatic, both for the victims and for the near & dear ones of the victim. Making claims are not really easy in such traumatic situations. Therefore we do the work for you; we do everything needed to ensure that your paperwork is done in the simplest way, and you can get your claims really fast.

We provide you with replacement vehicles, which will help you in getting back to the roads and leading a normal life again. We have our extensive network of replacement vehicles, and you can choose from a large range of vehicles. Our solicitors ensure that you get the maximum amount that can be claimed in relation to car accident claims.

You can fill up our online forms, after which our dedicated customer service executives will get in touch with you over phone, we can then arrange for home visits, to interact with you personally, understand your circumstances and explain to you what amount you can claim and what can be expected to be achieved. One of the best things about Personal Injury Assist is that we follow a no win no fee policy, which means if you do not get the claim, you do not have to pay us.

Interim Payments

Any accident that a person faces follows physical trauma, financial calamities and mental distress. Therefore we make sure that if the other person is at fault of causing the accident you get interim payments to cover various regular expenses of your life which may include daily income, travel expenses, rehabilitation, and insurance. Our solicitors are specialised in car accident cases and will make sure that you get your rightful amount.

Replacement Vehicle

Personal Injury Assist is committed to making your life as easy as possible after you have gone through an accident. When the other party is at fault, we make sure that they are liable to provide you with everything monetary and non-monetary to make your life easier post-accident. After the accident, if your car is damaged and declared temporarily un-roadworthy we arrange for replacement vehicles within 24 hours from the extensive network of replacement vehicles around the country. In most of the cases, we find you a similar car which you were already driving. The replacement vehicle can be retained by you till your car becomes roadworthy, or you have successfully got the claim amount.